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About Us

Mini Farms is an unrecorded subdivision consisting of some 947 parcels, ranging in size from 1 – 10 acres in N.W. Citrus County, FL, near the crossroads of Citronelle. Both site-built and mobile homes may be found on our wooded sand hills. Situated roughly half-way between Crystal River (5 mi.) and Dunnellon (7 mi.), Mini Farms is bordered on the west by County Road 495 (Citrus Ave.), and on the east and south by Citrus Springs and Pine Ridge.

The Mini Farms Property Owners’ Association (MFPOA) was established in November 1975 by Context Development Corporation of Miami for the purpose of maintaining the roads and associated easements within the Mini Farms development. Context developed Mini Farms during the first wave of development associated with the construction of the nuclear power plant in Crystal River by (then) Florida Power Corporation. The property, known locally as the “oak fields” had been owned by the Bowie family and had been used for generations for hunting and cattle grazing.

In 1978, Context Corporation turned the MFPOA over to the various owners and a few “pioneer” residents, along with a rudimentary system of rutted dirt roads and paths. Over the years, as Mini Farms slowly grew in both area and population, the MFPOA has expanded and improved the road system; turning miles of dirt paths into lime rocked roads, and paving nearly 4 miles of roadway.

In the past few years, Citrus County has been newly “discovered”, and thousands of new residents are pouring in. Mini Farms has experienced unprecedented growth, as new homes pop up seemingly on a daily basis. This rapid growth and the dramatic increase in traffic on Mini Farms roads present us with a formidable challenge.

The roads and associated easements are maintained by the MFPOA for the benefit of its members and are maintained by an annual assessment as set by the board of directors. The easements total 36.25 miles, of which 3.8 have been paved. The Association also maintains some 3.5 miles of non-MFPOA roadway to provide members with better ingress/egress to the Mini Farms.

Assessments are developed annually in September by the Budget Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Assessment notices are due on January 1 and are delinquent after January 31 of each year. Delinquent assessments will result in a lien against the parcel and an additional $25 Administrative late fee plus interest @9% per annum. Unsatisfied liens may result in referral to the MFPOA attorney for foreclosure.

The Board of Directors has 7 members who serve for terms of 3 years each, on a rotating basis. At the annual meeting in March of each year, the new Board elects the officers. The officers are: President, 1st Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Board members, excluding the President, may serve as multiple officers.

The Association owns a grader and employs a part-time operator.

The Association contracts with a property accounts manager, whose duties include collections, billing, banking, and maintaining property ownership records.